8 Must-Have Dishes for a Perfect Office Lunch Catering Menu

8 Must-Have Dishes for a Perfect Office Lunch Catering Menu

Lunch breaks at the office are more than just a time to refuel; they’re a vital moment that brings everyone together. They help in building bonds and restoring our energy. And when it comes to office catering, getting the menu right is crucial. Picture this: a spread that’s a mix of classics and innovative delights, designed to take your office lunch experience to the next level.

Significance of Office Lunches

In the hustle of a workday, lunchtime stands as a pivotal moment. It’s where colleagues bond, ideas percolate, and a break from the screen. This time helps breathe fresh energy into the team. A well-curated lunch spread goes beyond mere sustenance; it becomes the cornerstone of shared experiences and teamwork.

8 Must-Have Lunch Items in the Catering Menu

Exquisite Gourmet Sandwiches: Elevate your lunch experience with our artisanal bread and premium meats, crafted into tantalizing combinations. Explore the harmony of flavors, from smoked turkey paired with cranberry aioli to a burst of grilled veggies with pesto in our vegetarian option.

Fresh Salad Bar: Delight in a medley of crisp greens, vibrant vegetables, and a diverse array of dressings, ensuring a healthy yet gratifying choice for all. Our commitment to incorporating seasonal produce adds an extra layer of freshness and flavor.

Hearty Pasta Creations: From the creamy allure of carbonara to the zestful vibrancy of primavera, our pasta dishes promise satisfaction, catering to diverse palates and offering filling, versatile options.

Sushi Platters: Add a touch of sophistication to your gathering with our crowd-pleasing sushi platters, combining aesthetic appeal with a diverse fusion of flavors that elevate any office lunch.

Savor-inducing Wraps: Encase bold and delightful flavors within our wraps, whether it’s the kick of spicy chicken, the richness of black bean, or the refreshing essence of a Mediterranean veggie mix.

Artfully Presented Finger Foods: Indulge in the playful elegance of mini quiches, skewers, and bite-sized delights that add a refined touch to the lunch spread.

Soup Stations: Embrace warmth and comfort with our versatile soup bar offering multiple options, allowing for personalized choices and catering to various dietary needs.

Decadent Dessert Selections: Conclude your meal on a sweet note with treats like delectable brownie bites, exquisite fruit tarts, or indulgent cookies that leave a lingering smile on every palate.

Pro Tip: Book OBC for Lunch Catering

When it comes to ensuring an impeccable office lunch experience, consider OBC for catering. Here are five compelling reasons why:

  • Diverse Menu Options: OBC offers an expansive menu, ensuring there’s something for every taste bud and dietary preference.
  • Reliable Quality: Consistency is key. OBC’s commitment to quality ensures that each dish is not just delicious but also reliable every time. 
  • Professional Service: From timely delivery to set-up, their team handles every aspect professionally, allowing you to focus solely on enjoying the meal.
  • Customization: Whether it’s allergies, preferences, or specific requests, OBC is accommodating and open to customizing the menu to suit your needs.
  • Experience and Expertise: With a proven track record in catering, OBC brings expertise to the table, ensuring a seamless and delightful culinary experience.


Office lunches aren’t merely about the food; they’re about fostering connections, fueling productivity, and boosting morale. By curating a menu that tantalizes taste buds and caters to various preferences, and considering reliable caterers like Owen Brothers Catering, you can turn these lunch breaks into moments that leave a lasting impression.

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