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Ali Baba Kebab Menu Prices United Kingdom Updated July 2024

Hello Turkish food lovers, are you looking for the latest Ali Baba Kebab Menu Prices United Kingdom? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have uploaded the complete menu with pictures and current prices. The prices are taken from the official sources of Ali Baba Kebab United Kingdom.

Ali Baba Kebab Menu United Kingdom 2024

Ali Baba Kebab menu can be categorized as, Munchy Box, Starters, Kebabs, Meat Wraps (Shawarma), Vegetable Wraps, Burgers, Fried Food, Side Orders, Drinks. Let’s take a look at them one by one in detail.

Munchy Box


Small Munchy Box

Portion of lamb doner meat, 4x slices garlic bread cheese, 1x chicken pakora, 1x vegetable pakora, 4x onion rings, portion of chips, mixed salad, chili and garlic sauce.£13.50

Veggie Munchy Box

4x slices garlic bread cheese, 2x vegetable pakora, 3x mozzarella sticks, 3x cream cheese jalapenos, 6x onion rings, portion of chips, mixed salad, chili and garlic sauce.£14.50



Chicken Pakora

4pcs, with mixed salad and sauce£6.00

Vegetable Pakora

5pcs, with mixed salad and sauce£5.00

Mixed Pakora

4pcs, with mixed salad and sauce£6.00

Mini Spring Roll

Mini Spring Roll£3.00


Try our £10 lamb shish kebab, grilled to perfection. Combine it with our signature £10 Kofte Kebab or opt for the versatile £17 Mixed Kebab with chicken shish, lamb shish and kofta. Satisfaction, served!


Lamb Doner Kebab

Minced lamb grilled on an upright spit then carved.£7.50

Doner Meat and chips

Doner Meat and chips£8.50

Chicken Shish Kebab

Chicken Shish Kebab£8.50

Lamb Shish Kebab

Marinated cubes of lamb cooked on flame grill.£10.00

Kofte Kebab

Home special minced lamb cooked on flame grill.£10.00

Mixed Kebab on the Grill

Chicken shish, lamb shish, and kofta kebab.£17.00

Meat Wraps (Shawarma)

Try our wraps – chicken shish for £8.50, lamb shish for £10.00, pakora for £6.50 and the stuffed hoagie for £9.00! Each one a flavourful treat!


Lamb Doner Wrap

Lamb Doner Wrap£7.50

Chicken Shish Wrap

Chicken Shish Wrap£8.50

Lamb Shish Wrap

Lamb Shish Wrap£10.00

Kofte Wrap

Kofte Wrap£10.00

Pakora Wrap

Pakora Wrap£6.50

Hoagie Wrap

Lamb doner meat, chips and cheese.£9.00

Vegetable Wraps


Falafel Wrap

Falafel Wrap£7.00

Chips and Cheese Wrap

Chips and Cheese Wrap£6.00

Halloumi Wrap

Halloumi Wrap£6.50


Savour our offer! From the classic Beef Burger for £4.50 to the exotic Turkish Burger for £6.50, every bite is a real taste sensation. Try the cheese burger for £5.00 or opt for the veggie burger for the same tempting price. Try the variety, enjoy the value for money!


Beef Burger

Beef Burger£4.50

Cheese Burger

Cheese Burger£5.00

Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger£4.50

Veggie Burger

Veggie Burger£4.50

Turkish Burger

Turkish Burger£6.50

Whopper Burger

Whopper Burger£7.00

Fried Food

Savor the zing of our Crispy Hot Wings (6pcs) and Chips for £6.00 or dive into the sea with Scampi (10pcs) and Chips at £7.50. Indulge in classic comfort with Chicken Nuggets (10pcs) and Chips for £7.00. A taste adventure awaits!


Chicken Nuggets (10pcs) and Chips

Chicken nuggets with chips£7.00

Scampi (10pcs) and Chips

Scampi with chips£7.50

Breaded Haddock and Chips

Breaded haddock with chips£7.50

Crispy Hot Wings (6pcs) and Chips

Hot wings with chips£6.00

Breaded Fillets (6pcs) and Chips

Breaded fillets with chips£6.00

Side Orders

Savour our jalapeno cream cheese bites for €5.50, immerse yourself in the gooey pleasure of the mozzarella sticks for €5.50 or opt for the refreshing salad box with feta cheese for €5.00. Affordable indulgence at prices between €3.00 and €5.50!




Chips and Cheese

Chips and Cheese£4.00

Chips and Curry Sauce

Chips and Curry Sauce£4.50

Chips, Cheese and Curry Sauce

Chips, Cheese and Curry Sauce£5.50

Chips and Gravy Sauce

Chips and Gravy Sauce£4.50

Chips, Cheese and Gravy Sauce

Chips, Cheese and Gravy Sauce£5.50

Onion Rings (10pcs)

Onion Rings (10pcs)£3.00

Slice Garlic Bread (4pcs)

Slice Garlic Bread (4pcs)£4.00

Slice Garlic Bread and Cheese

Slice Garlic Bread and Cheese£5.00

Mozzarella Sticks (6pcs)

Mozzarella Sticks (6pcs)£5.50

Jalapeno Cream Cheese (6pcs)

Jalapeno Cream Cheese (6pcs)£5.50

Salad Box

Salad Box£3.50

Salad Box with Feta Cheese

Salad Box with Feta Cheese£5.00

Pitta Bread

Pitta Bread£0.60

Dip Sauces (2oz)

Dip Sauces (2oz)£0.60





Is Ali Baba Kebab United Kingdom halal?

Yes, Ali Baba Kebab United Kingdom is halal certified.

All the menu images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Ali Baba Kebab United kingdom.

Ali Baba Kebab near the United Kingdom (UK) Delivery locations and opening hours.

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