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Gannoush Menu Prices United Kingdom Updated July 2024

Hello Middle Eastern food lovers, are you looking for the latest Gannoush Menu Prices United Kingdom? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have uploaded the complete menu with pictures and current prices. The prices are taken from the official sources of Gannoush United Kingdom.

Gannoush Menu United Kingdom 2024

Gannoush menu can be categorized as, Meal Deals, Mains, Vegan Burgers, Poutine Dishes, Tapas, Sides, Frozen Drinks, Vegan Shakes & Desserts, Dips, Soft Drinks. Let’s take a look at them one by one in detail.

Meal Deals


Vegan Burger Meal Deal

Vegan Burger Meal Deal£12.95



Falafel Plate

6 pieces of original falafel, Mediterranean salad, houmous, Babagannoush and pickles. Served with flatbread.£11.95Falafel Plate


French green beans cooked with tomato, onion, extra virgin olive oil. Served with vermicelli rice.UnavailableLoubieh


Cooked aubergine, onion, garlic, chickpeas and pepper marinated in rich tomato sauce. Served with vermicelli rice.£11.95Moussaka

Vegan Burgers


Just Falafs Burger

Smashed homemade falafel served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, hummus, and special sauce on a vegan brioche bun£9.45

No Chicken Burger

Chicken-free patty coated with breadcrumbs. Served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayo on a brioche bun£9.45

The Veganity Burger

Double vegan patty burger served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, vegan cheese, and special vegan sauce on a brioche bun£9.45

Poutine Dishes


Classic Vegan Poutine

Fries, vegan cheese and homemade signature vegan gravy sauce.£6.95

Vegan Salt & Pepper ‘Chicken’ Poutine

Embrace the plant-based delight of our vegan salt & pepper ‘chicken’ poutine. Enjoy a medley of crispy vegan ‘chicken,’ fries, dairy-free cheese, and gravy.£11.50


Enjoy Mediterranean bliss with our Baba Ganoush for £5.50, a smoky aubergine delight. Spice up your palate with Batata Harra’s garlic potatoes for £5.50. Dive into Fattouche’s sumac salad and flatbread for £5.50. Discover these tasty treats – the flavours of the Mediterranean await you!


Baba Ganoush

Smoked aubergine purée mixed with tahini sauce and topped with pomegranate and olive oil. Served with flatbread£5.50Baba Ganoush

Batata Harra

Fried cubes of potatoes sautéed with garlic, coriander, pepper, and chilli spice£5.50Batata Harra


Original recipe, freshly made Falafel 4 pieces£4.50Falafel


Mixed salad topped with sumac and toasted flatbread in a special house dressing.£5.50Fattouche

Flat Bread

2 Flat Bread£1.60Flat Bread

House Hummus

Spiced smooth chickpea dip with tahini & lemon juice. Served with flatbread.£5.50House Hummus


A selection of Mediterranean pickles (cucumber, green chilli, cabbage and turnip)£4.50Kabees

Rosemary Olives

3 types of green, black and brown olives marinated in a Mediterranean recipe£5.50Rosemary Olives

Warak Inab

Vine leaves filled with rice, tomato, parsley, mint, and onion. Cooked in lemon juice and olive oil dressing. 6£5.50Warak Inab



Curly Fries

Curly Fries£4.45

Onion Rings with BBQ Dip

Onion Rings with BBQ Dip£5.45

Skin On Fries

Skin On Fries£3.35

Frozen Drinks

“Enjoy the icy thrill of Frozen Original Coca-Cola and Frozen Sour Cherry at €5.75 each, or mix two delicious flavours for the same irresistible price. Immerse yourself in Frozen paradise and get your taste buds tingling!”


Frozen Blueberry Fanta

Frozen Blueberry FantaUnavailableFrozen Blueberry Fanta

Frozen Original Coca-Cola

Frozen Original Coca-Cola£5.75

Frozen Pink Bubble Gum

Frozen Pink Bubble GumUnavailableFrozen Pink Bubble Gum

Frozen Sour Cherry

Frozen Sour Cherry£5.75Frozen Sour Cherry

Mix and Match – 2 Flavours

Mix and Match – 2 Flavours£5.75Mix and Match - 2 Flavours

Vegan Shakes & Desserts


Chocolate Orange Cake

Vegan chocolate orange cake£4.49Chocolate Orange Cake

Vegan Biscoff Shake

Biscoff blended with fresh vanilla soft ice cream and oat milk£6.95Vegan Biscoff Shake

Vegan Oreo Shake

Oreo blended with fresh vanilla soft ice cream and oat milk. Vegan£6.95Vegan Oreo Shake

Vegan Strawberries Shake

Fresh strawberries blended with fresh vanilla soft ice cream and oat milk£6.95Vegan Strawberries Shake


Spicy sensations await you! Spice up your dish with the hot chilli sauce 🌶️ and the spicy piri piri sauce 🌶️, both for just €1.00. Looking for a classic? Try our BBQ sauce for the same irresistible price. You can also experience a plant-based treat with our Vegan Mayo 🌱, also for €1.00. Taste buds, get ready!


BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce£1.00

Hot Chilli Sauce

Hot Chilli Sauce£1.00



Piri Piri Sauce

Piri Piri Sauce£1.00

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Sweet Chilli Sauce£1.00

Vegan Gravy Pot

Vegan Gravy Pot£1.00

Vegan Mayo

Vegan Mayo£1.00

Vegan Special Sauce

Vegan Special Sauce£1.00

Soft Drinks

Sip satisfaction for just £2.25! Immerse yourself in the sparkling pleasure of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Vimto. Or opt for still water for £1.95. Refreshment awaits!




Diet Coke

Diet Coke£2.25Diet Coke



Still Water

Still Water£1.95Still Water



Is Gannoush United Kingdom halal?

Yes, Gannoush United Kingdom is halal certified.

All the menu images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Gannoush United kingdom.

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