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Afrikana Menu Prices United Kingdom Updated July 2024

Hello African food lovers, are you looking for the latest Afrikana Menu Prices United Kingdom? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have uploaded the complete menu with pictures and current prices. The prices are taken from the official sources of Afrikana United Kingdom.

Afrikana Menu United Kingdom 2024

Afrikana menu can be categorized as, Small Plates, Mains, Specials, Sharing Platters, Sides. Let’s take a look at them one by one in detail.

Small Plates


Lady Fingers

Fresh okra deep-fried in seasoned house batter until crisp and golden.£5.95

Prawn To Be Wild

Soft, juicy prawns, battered and deep fried, tossed in house special sauce.£12.95

Puff Patty

Meat patty filled with aromatic spiced beef, served with Afrikana sauce and plantain chips.£6.95

Bite Me

Handmade chicken strips, seasoned, breaded, and deep fried, served with Afrikana sauce.£6.95

Cluckin’ Season

Deep-fried chicken wings with spice-infused batter, served in a bamboo pocket with creole mayo. Also available in Hot n Honey sauce.£7.95

Hummus and Bread

Creamy hummus served with warm bread.£4.95

Let’s Taco’ Bout It?

Slow-cooked pulled beef in a spicy marinade, loaded in soft taco shells.£11.95

Cheeky Chops

Tender marinated lamb chops smothered in a spicy Afrikana glaze, with fresh coleslaw and pomegranate seeds.15.95

Taco Bae

Rich and flavorful vegan “barbacoa” infused with spices. The perfect plant-based “meat” for taco night! Vegan8.95



Slide in the DM’s

Three sliders filled with grilled chicken, fried chicken, and pulled beef£11.95

Thic Chick

Spiced buttermilk chicken burger fried until golden, with baby gem, fried onions, cheese, and creole mayo. Served with fries and mango salsa.£11.95

Bun True Love

Fresh handmade beef burgers, smashed and seared. With two patties, gherkins, fried onions, cheese, and creole mayo. Served with fries and mango salsa.£12.95

Butterfly Bun

Grilled butterfly chicken in a brioche bun with cheese, baby gem, fried onions, and creole mayo. Served with fries and mango salsa.£11.95

Steak it on Me

Spiced angus sirloin steak, basted in our special house marinade. Served with house gravy, roasted tomatoes, and Afrikana fries.£29.95

What Cheese Said

Beautifully grilled butterfly chicken, loaded with melted cheese. Served with jollof rice and plantain.£14.95

That’s a Wrap

Chicken breast wrap with baby gem, cheese, and veggies with Afrikana sauce and creole mayo. Served with fries and mango salsa.£10.95

Edgy-Veggie Wrap

Tasty bean and mixed veggie wrap with baby gem, cheese, and creole mayo. Served with fries and mango salsa.9.95

Superhero Salad

Light and healthy superfood salad, perfect for superheroes in training. Couscous, creamy avocado, sweet pomegranate, and a balsamic dressing.10.95

Grilled Chicken

Served with fries and coleslaw.8.95



Just Kebabin’

Hanging meat and mixed vegetable kebab marinated in rich aromatic spices and chargrilled on a skewer. Served with lemon, Coleslaw, homemade mash, and Afrikana sauce.£15.95

Bunny Chow

A South African street food special. Tender mutton and potato curry in aromatic spices. Served in a hollow toasted loaf.£18.95

Curry on Me

West African inspired! Chicken and sweet potato curry served with rice ‘n peas and plantain.£15.95

We Goat Your Back

Classic slow-cooked mutton curry, spiced in a creamy flavor. Served with rice ‘n peas and plantain.£18.95

Island Fish and Chips

Cod fillet marinated overnight and deep-fried until golden. Served with Afrikana fries and tartare sauce.£19.95

Fried Chicken is Life

Crispy deep-fried chicken breast. Served with jerk gravy, rice ‘n peas, plantain, and coleslaw.£15.95

The Salmon Cure

Grilled salmon coated in a spicy Afrikana glaze until golden. Served with mango salsa and sweet potato fries.£19.95

Jammin’ Jambalaya

A classic Cajun twist of diced chicken, prawns, mixed veggies, and jollof rice. Flavored with a smoky blend of chili and our house sauce. Also available as a vegetarian option.£14.95

Meant to Bean

Mouthwatering burger with a homemade black bean and chili patty, with cheese and Creole mayo – seriously good!£10.95

Sharing Platters


Chit-Chats and Chicken

A delicious assortment of three grilled chicken wings, three deep-fried wings, whole grilled chicken in our Afrikana house sauce with four chicken tenders. Served with Fries and Jollof Rice.£39.95

We Meat Again

A selection of two lamb chops, three grilled chicken wings, half grilled chicken in our Afrikana house sauce with two 4oz steaks and four house special prawns. Served with Fries and Jollof Rice.£54.95





Afrikana Fries

Afrikana Fries£3.95

Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice£3.45

Rice ‘N Peas

Rice ‘N Peas£3.45



Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries£4.95

Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa£3.95



Fresh Coleslaw

Fresh Coleslaw£3.25

Mac ‘N Cheese

Mac ‘N Cheese£6.95

Mashed Potato

Mashed Potato£3.45

Halloumi Fries

Halloumi Fries£5.95

Is Afrikana United Kingdom halal?

Yes, Afrikana United Kingdom is halal certified.

All the menu images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Afrikana United kingdom.

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