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Alhaji SUYA Menu Prices United Kingdom Updated July 2024

Hello Hausa cuisine lovers, are you looking for the latest Alhaji SUYA Menu Prices United Kingdom? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have uploaded the complete menu with pictures and current prices. The prices are taken from the official sources of Alhaji SUYA United Kingdom.

Alhaji SUYA Menu United Kingdom 2024

Alhaji SUYA menu can be categorized as, Suya, Suya Rice Meals, Shawarma, Pastry, Sides, Drinks, Family Basket. Let’s take a look at them one by one in detail.


Embark on a culinary journey through West Africa with our suya delicacies! Indulge in the £13.99 beef suya, a tender, spiced marvel. Dive into the lamb suya for the same price, succulent with every bite. Experience the flavours of Africa with our chicken suya at £13.99. Succulent, spicy and absolutely filling!


Tozo Suya

Succulent grilled beef seasoned with grounded peanuts, cayenne pepper, and ginger, often served with onion and tomato slices.£13.99

Beef Suya

Irresistible marble meat infused with traditional suya marinade, smoke-grilled to perfection, tender, juicy, and utterly satisfying.£13.99

Lamb Suya

Special cuts of lamb marinated in traditional suya blend, skillfully smoke-grilled, offering tender, succulent, and spicy flavors.£13.99

Chicken Suya

Chicken skillfully marinated in traditional suya mix, smoke-grilled, spicy, tender, succulent, and bursting with flavor.£13.99

Suya Wings

Grilled wings the traditional Northern Nigerian way, seasoned with authentic spices.£13.99

Kilishi Suya

Spicy dried beef strips made with marinated beef infused in a special suya blend, a flavorful snack perfect for on-the-go or movie nights.£3.99

Large Tozo Suya

Irresistible marble beef infused with traditional suya marinade, grilled to perfection for an enhanced experience.£15.99

Large Beef Suya

Carefully selected cuts of beef infused with house special suya marinades, offering spicy grilled bites popular in West Africa.£15.99

Large Lamb Suya

Lamb cuts marinated in traditional suya blend, skillfully grilled, delivering a burst of succulent and spicy flavors.£18.00

Large Chicken Suya

Chicken marinated in traditional suya mix, smoke-grilled to perfection, spicy, tender, and incredibly flavorful.£14.99

Large Wings Suya

Wings grilled Northern Nigerian style with authentic spices.£14.99

Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl£22.99

African Chicken

African Chicken£20.24

Suya Rice Meals

Taste the essence of Africa with our Suya rice dishes for €14.99! From succulent chicken to flavourful beef and the unique Tozo blend, each dish promises an unforgettable culinary journey. Try our rice dish with lamb for a tantalising taste of African flavours. Discover richness, depth and authenticity in every bite!


Beef Rice Meal

Beef Rice Meal£14.99

Chicken Rice Meal

Chicken Rice Meal£14.99

Tozo Rice Meal

Tozo Rice Meal£14.99

Wings Rice Meal

Wings Rice Meal£14.99

Lamb Rice Meal

Lamb Rice Meal£14.99



Beef Shawarma

Lean beef suya wrapped in bread with crunchy vegetables and our creamy signature sauce for that authentic Nigerian shawarma.£13.99

Chicken Shawarma

Juicy grilled chicken wrapped in bread with crunchy vegetables and creamy sauce.£13.99

Tozo Shawarma

Juicy grilled tozo wrapped with crunchy vegetables and creamy sauce in bread.£13.99

Lamb Shawarma

(Description Not Provided)£13.99


Immerse yourself in a fiesta of flavours! Try our crispy chicken suya pie and succulent beef suya pie for £3.99 each, savour the meat pie with succulent minced beef and vegetables or try the fish roll for £2.99. Enjoy three fluffy puff puffs for just £2.50. Experience a variety of textures and flavours in every bite!


Chicken Suya Pie

Crunchy exterior, juicy chicken suya filling, explosion of flavor and textures£3.99

Fish Roll

Fish Roll£2.99

Meat Pie

Juicy minced beef and vegetable filling£2.99

Puff-puff X3

Puff-puff X3£2.50

Beef Suya Pie

Crunchy exterior, juicy beef suya filling, explosion of flavor and textures£3.99

Sausage Roll

Finely chopped fresh chicken meat seasoned with Nigerian spices£2.99


Spice up your meal! Dive into our Jollof rice, bursting with African flavours for £6.99. Try the traditional Masa for £8.99 or give it an extra kick with our Extra Suya powder from £0.50. Crispy plantains are available for just £2.99. Spice up your meal with these bold and inexpensive side dishes!



Spicy rice made with real tomatoes and chili£6.99


Traditional rice cake£8.99

Extra Suya Powder (Yaji)

5g of additional suya powder (Yaji)£0.50

Extra Suya Powder (Yaji)

50g of additional suya powder (Yaji)£2.99


Fried plantain slices£2.99


Embark on a Nigerian flavour journey! Indulge in fizz with Nigerian Fanta for £3.99 or maltiness with Super Malt for £2.99. Dive into the fizzy Schweppes or the full-bodied Malta Guinness, both for £2.99. For an exotic twist, try our Tamarind, Ginger or Zobo drinks at £5.99 each. Discover vibrant flavours that will transport you to Nigeria!


Nigerian Fanta

Nigerian Fanta£3.99

Super Malt

Super Malt£2.99



Nigerian Coke

Nigerian Coke£2.99

Malta Guinness

Malta Guinness£2.99



Tamarind Drinks

Tamarind Drinks£5.99

Ginger Drink

Ginger Drink£5.99



Family Basket

Savour African delicacies! Dive into the Hajiya Basket for £47.99, a mix of beef, wings, jollof rice, plantains, Nigerian fanta and shawarma. Try the Alhaji Basket for £49.99, which includes tozo, lamb, chicken suya, masa, kilishi and a drink. Or enjoy the Mixed Suya Basket for £49.99 with beef suya, chicken suya, tozo and lamb. Taste the essence of Africa in every bite!


Family Basket

Small Basket£27.99

Sharwarma Basket£27.99

Hajiya Basket

1 Medium portion of Beef, Wings, jollof rice, plantain, Nigerian Fanta, and any shawarma£47.99

Alhaji Basket

Family basket; Get a portion of Tozo, Lamb, Chicken suya, Masa, Kilishi, and bottle drink£49.99

Mixed Suya Basket

1 portion Beef Suya, 1 portion chicken suya, 1 portion tozo suya, 1 portion lamb suya, 1 portion lamb suya£49.99

Is Alhaji SUYA United Kingdom halal?

Yes, Alhaji SUYA United Kingdom is halal certified.

All the menu images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Alhaji SUYA United kingdom.

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