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Aloo Tama Menu Prices United Kingdom Updated July 2024

Hello Nepalese Cuisine lovers, are you looking for the latest Aloo Tama Menu Prices United Kingdom? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have uploaded the complete menu with pictures and current prices. The prices are taken from the official sources of Aloo Tama United Kingdom.

Aloo Tama Menu United Kingdom 2024

Aloo Tama menu can be categorized as, Dumpling aka Momo, Drinks, Potato Salad, Chutney (dips), Dessert, Rice & Bread, Vegetable Curry, Non Veg Curry, Noodles, Starters. Let’s take a look at them one by one in detail.

Dumpling aka Momo

Embark on a Nepalese culinary journey with our irresistible Momo selection! Try the crispy fried chicken dumplings (£11.50). Indulge in the vegan momo platter (£17.50) with a spicy sautéed ensemble. Don’t miss the pork steamed dumpling (mo:mo) (£12.50) for a flavourful change of pace. Taste Nepal in every bite!


Steamed Chicken Dumpling

If there is one food Nepalese have to live by, then it will have to be momos.£11.50

Chicken Pan Fried Dumpling

Pan fried in our griddle to make the momos extra crispy!£11.50

Vegan Momo Platter

Enjoy Vegan momo cooked with chilly sauce, pan fried and steamed in the same platter.£17.50

Chicken Momo Platter

Enjoy chicken dumpling cooked in special chilli sauce, pan fried and steamed in one plate.£17.50

Pork Momo Platter

Pork momo served some with chilly sauce, pan fried and some steamed only.£17.50

Vegan Steam Dumpling

There is no better way to introduce Nepalese cuisine than by introducing them to momo.£11.50

Pork Steam Dumpling (mo:mo)

Pork Steam Dumpling (mo:mo)£12.50

Vegan Pan Fried Dumplings

Vegan Pan Fried Dumplings£11.50

Pork Pan Fried Dumplings

Pork Pan Fried Dumplings£12.50



Large Water

Large Water£2.00

Mango Lassi

Smooth lassi made using Kesar mango pulps.£3.99


Freshly squeezed lemonade.£3.99

Large Sparkling Water

Large Sparkling Water£2.00

Potato Salad



Yogurt-based potato salad from Palpa, Nepal£5.50

Aloo Mulla

Potato and radish prepared tempering black sesame seed£5.50

Titey Karela

Bitter gourd with potato finished tempering in mustard oil£5.50

Chutney (dips)


Piro Achar

Chef’s special spicy tomato relish£2.50

Plum Achar

Sweet Plum chutney!£2.50

Basi Achar

Authentic Nepalese Achar made with traditional pickling method£3.50



Lalmohan & Yogurt

Deep fried dough finished in sugar syrup. Served warm with yogurt to balance sweetness.£5.95


Solid round milk-based dessert with a hint of saffron. Finished in sugar syrup.£5.95

Rice & Bread


Large Steamed Basmati Rice

Premium basmati rice.£6.50

Small Steamed Rice

Small Steamed Rice£3.75

Large Pilau Rice

Pilau rice prepared using variety of vegetables such as carrots, beans and peas.£7.50


Traditional bread cooked in non-charcoal oven. The healthiest option from the menu.£3.00

Vegetable Curry

Embark on a flavourful journey! Try the Aloo Tama for £8.50, a mixture of bamboo shoots and potatoes. Experience the unique blend of dried nettle leaves and potatoes from Sisnu Aloo for £9.00. Don’t miss the Okra & Potatoes for £8.50, a spicy delicacy. Indulge your taste buds with these exotic fusions!


Spinach & Potatoes

Fresh spinach cooked with chopped garlic.£8.50

Cauliflower & Potatoes

One of the most simple yet delicious vegetable curry!£8.50

Aloo Tama

Fermented bamboo shoot cooked with potatoes and black-eyed beans. Highly recommended.£8.50

Okra & Potatoes

Delicious okra cooked with potatoes using flavorful Himalayan spices.£8.50

Aubergine & Potatoes

Aubergine cooked with potatoes, a delight for aubergine lovers.£8.50

Yellow Lentils

Winter special yellow lentils finished with cumin seeds, an immune booster.£6.50

Black Lentils

Nepalese favorite – black lentils known for their cooling effect, enjoyed year-round.£6.50

Mix Veg Curry

Seasonal mixed vegetables cooked with Himalayan Spices.£8.50

Sisnu Aloo

Dried nettle leaves cooked with potatoes using Himalayan Spices.£9.00

Non Veg Curry

Embark on a flavour journey through the Himalayas! Try our aromatic mutton curry for £13.00, the chef’s speciality Fharsi Masu for £14.00 or the unique Sisnu chicken for £13.00. Taste the essence of Nepal on your plate!


Chicken Curry

Flavourful Nepalese curry cooked with Himalayan herbs and spices.£11.00

Mutton Curry

Goat curry cooked with aromatic Nepalese spices.£13.00

Sisnu Chicken

Nutritious chicken curry cooked with dried Nettle leaves.£13.00

Fharsi Masu

Chef’s special mutton curry cooked in pumpkin gravy.£14.00

Hariyo Bandel

Wild pork cooked with Pak Choi, famous among Gurkha Dads.£14.50



Chicken Stir-Fried Noodles (Chow Mein)

Best-selling noodles cooked in Nepali style. You’ll fall in love with it.£11.00

Vegan Chowmein

Vegan option of Chow Mein£11.00

Chicken Thukpa

Traditional soup noodle with dumplings, perfect for cold days£12.50

Vegan Thukpa

Delicious soup noodle with 3 vegan dumplings, ideal for cold days£12.50


Savour the essence of Nepal! Try the Pork Jheer (£9.95) – succulent pork skewers in Nepalese spices. Enjoy Chicken Chilli, £8.50, tender chicken in homemade chilli sauce. Don’t miss Chips Chilli, £8.50, crispy chips in fiery chilli. Discover these vibrant flavours and enjoy the best Nepal has to offer!



Crunchy ready to eat noodles & puffed rice garnished with Nepalese spices.£6.50

Pork Jheer

Delicious pork skewers marinated with Nepalese spices. One of the top sellers!£9.95

Chicken Chilli

Succulent pieces of chicken cooked in chef’s homemade chili sauce. Recommended with Chicken/Vegan Chowmein£8.50

Chips Chilli

Deep-fried chips finished in chef’s special chili sauce. Highly recommended with Vegan Chowmein.£8.50

Chicken Wings

Juicy medium-spicy wings marinated in chef’s special sauce.£8.50

Chicken Shyaphaley

Tibetan pasty complemented by Nepalese spices.£9.95

Mutton Choyela Set

Cold mutton marinated in ginger, garlic, Sichuan pepper, and finished in mustard oil. Served with phurandana and spiced potatoes. Highly recommended.£9.95

Chicken Sekuwa Set

Chargrilled smoked chicken served with fancy beaten rice and spiced potatoes. A Nepalese favorite starter.£9.95

Starter platter

Combination of authentic Nepalese munchies in one plate! Includes cold mutton choyela, chicken and chips chili, spiced potatoes, and Nepalese favorite phurandana. Recommended: Do not eat them separately.£18.00

Paneer Jheer

Deep-marinated paneer slow-cooked in our special oven.£9.95

Poppadums & Mango dips

Couple of Poppadums with Mango Dip£3.49

Pappad Club

Poppadums served with a collection of house dips and onion salad.£6.50

Is Aloo Tama United Kingdom halal?

Yes, Aloo Tama United Kingdom is halal certified.

All the menu images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Aloo Tama United kingdom.

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