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Avenues Fish and Chips Menu Prices United Kingdom Updated July 2024

Hello British food lovers, are you looking for the latest Avenues Fish and Chips Menu Prices United Kingdom? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have uploaded the complete menu with pictures and current prices. The prices are taken from the official sources of Avenues Fish and Chips United Kingdom.

Avenues Fish and Chips Menu United Kingdom 2024

Avenues Fish and Chips menu can be categorized as, Fish, Specials, Sundries, Chips, Kids Meals, Sauces, Drinks. Let’s take a look at them one by one in detail.



Fish Bites

Fish Bites3.8 £

Fish Fingers

Fish Fingers (5 Pieces)3.8 £


Scampi (10 Pieces)3.5 £

Haddock Fish

Haddock Fish4.5 £


Enjoy our Jumbo Sausage & Chips for £6.50 for a savoury treat or opt for the unique Sage & Onion kick in the Pattie & Butty for £2.20. Dive into a seafood extravaganza with Small Fish, Fishcake, Scampi & Chips for £11.00. Irresistible flavours, unbeatable prices. Your taste buds will thank you!


Small Sausage & Chips

Small Sausage & Chips5.5 £

Jumbo Sausage & Chips

Jumbo Sausage & Chips6.5 £

Pattie & Butty

Patty is sage & onion flavour.2.2 £

Spam Fritter & Chips

Spam Fritter & Chips5.5 £

Small Fish, Fishcake, Scampi & Chips

Small Fish, Fishcake, Scampi & Chips11 £

Small Fish, Sausage, Pattie & Chips

Small Fish, Sausage, Pattie & Chips10 £

Pattie & Chips

Patty is sage & onion flavour.4.5 £

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips7.5 £


Enjoy the sage and onion patty for £1.50, a flavourful treat. Bite into the jumbo sausage for £2.00, a classic favourite. Indulge in the chicken nuggets (8 pieces) for £4.20, a perfect treat to share. Affordable, delicious and just what you crave!


Sage & Onion Patty

Sage & Onion Patty1.5 £

Patty Butty

Patty is sage & onion flavour.2.2 £

Jumbo Sausage

Jumbo Sausage2 £

Small Sausage

Small Sausage1.15 £

Spam Fritter

Spam Fritter2.5 £

Fish Cake

Fish Cake1.8 £

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets (8 Pieces)4.2 £

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets (4 Pieces)2.3 £

Steak & Onion Pie

Steak & Onion Pie3.5 £Steak & Onion Pie

Chicken & Mushroom Pie

Chicken & Mushroom Pie3.5 £

Bread Cake

Bread Cake0.85 £




Chips1.9 £

Cheesy Chips

Cheesy Chips2.8 £

Chip Butty

Chip Butty2.4 £

Chip Butty with Cheese

Chip Butty with Cheese3.3 £

Kids Meals


Kids Sausage & Chips

Kids Sausage & Chips3.85 £

Kids Fish Fingers & Chips

Kids Fish Fingers & Chips3.85 £

Kids Chicken Nuggets & Chips

Kids Chicken Nuggets & Chips3.85 £

Kids Fish Bites & Chips

Kids Fish Bites & Chips3.85 £


Savour the flavour with our tempting sauces! Whether it’s a rich curry, savoury gravy or classic bean sauce – you can enhance your dish for as little as €1.15 each. For the perfect finishing touch, our ketchup and mayonnaise sachets (26 ml) are available for an unbeatable €0.40 each. Affordable enjoyment for every meal!



Curry1.15 £


Gravy1.15 £


Beans1.15 £

Ketchup Sachet 26ml

Ketchup Sachet 26ml0.4 £

Mayonnaise Sachet 26ml

Mayonnaise Sachet 26ml0.4 £



Can of Pop

Can of Pop1.15 £

Bottle of Pop

Bottle of Pop1.8 £

Water Bottle

Water Bottle1.15 £

Is Avenues Fish and Chips United Kingdom halal?

Yes, Avenues Fish and Chips United Kingdom is halal certified.

All the menu images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Avenues Fish and Chips United kingdom.

Avenues Fish and Chips near the United Kingdom (UK) Delivery locations and opening hours.

Avenues Fish and Chips near Princes Ave, United Kingdom

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DaysOpening and Closing Time
Wednesday11 am–8 pm
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